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Attention! IP-changes on web- and sql-servers. 11-05-2004 17:18
UPDATE: The old ip's will be removed within 2 weeks. Clients who don't have their domainname hosted with us are urged to update there dns-records, otherwise your site or database will no longer work when we remove these ip's.
All clients who have their domainname hosted with us are allready updated to the new ip-addresses without problems.

We are assigning new ip's to both our web- and sql-servers.
Web-server piggy: Old:, New:
Sql-server fozzie: Old:, New:
Clients who have their domainname and website hosted on our nameservers don't have to do anything, we will update everything for you.
Clients who's domainname is not hosted on our server or have there own gluerecords for their nameservers should change them to the new ip's.

The IP-address changes are necessary to be able to route the traffic for websites and email over our new seperate 100Mbit link.
Posted By:Geert
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