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Maintenance on March 18th and 25th 16-03-2004 19:41
UPDATE: Due to a delay from a delivery by UPS the maintenance of March 18th has been moved to March 19th.

Thursday March 18th:
On thursday March 18th we will be performing a maintenance operation on shellserver "Statler", it will get a new, faster CPU and cooler.
Also, we will add an extra networkcard in the border-firewall for future use.
All of this will take place somewhere in the afternoon and downtime will be limited to a minimum.

Thursday March 25th:
On thursday March 25th our upstream provider 2Fast will be performing the following maintenance.
Time: 02 AM - 06 AM
Description: Placing a new core router + updating software on core switch + expanding capacity of the internal network.
Impact: During the maintenance on thursdaymorning the network connection will be interupted shortly for several times.

After the maintenance the network will be routed by a new Juniper Networks M7i core router with the following connections:

- 1000 Mbit BaseSX AMS-IX
- 1000 Mbit BaseSX Internal network

- 100 Mbit BaseTX Lambdanet
- 100 Mbit BaseTX NTT/Verio
- 100 Mbit BaseTX MFN/Abovenet
- 100 Mbit LiPEX (London Internet Providers Exchange)
Posted By:Geert
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