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Sheduled maintenance on 23-01-04 20-01-2004 16:17
This friday, 23-01-04, we have planned upgrades of our network, webserver 'Piggy' and database server 'Fozzie'.
We will be preparing our network for an extra 100Mbit connection for web and email related traffic.
Their should be no downtime at all due to our new router-failover system.

The webserver will be getting 2 new 80GB harddisks in a raid 1 configuration to replace the current disks and expand the capacity.
The database server will also be getting 2 new 40GB disks in a raid 1 configuration and a ram upgrade to 1GB.
Both these upgrades should also go unnoticed, if all goes well, due to failover systems we have installed.
No email will be lost during these operations.

All of these actions will be performed to be able to keep serving you in the best possible way.
The IT-Solid Solutions team.
Posted By:Geert
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